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All of the cards listed on these pages are for trade.  I will sell also but would rather trade for cards I need.  All card prices are negotiable.  Please send any inquiries or offers to
My Ebay ID is bigwalla1171.  I have perfect feedback with over +1300 right now. 
I traded on Beckett under ID wallaballa for the last eight years until they ended their buy/ sell/ trade forum in late 2005.  I still utilize their price guides (until I find something better) and also buy a few cards from the Beckett marketplace.  Beckett's address is:
I currently belong to two trade sites.  I have been a member of Card Trading Fools for about two years and have completed over 100 trades so far with no negative feedback.  My ID is bigwallastyle.  Card Trading Fools can be found at:
I joined The Bench in January, 2006 and have recently joined their Hall of Fame as a trader.  My Bench ID is bigwallastyle also.  I have attached a trade counter below that will show how many succesful trades I have on that site. 
To visit the Bench, please go to:
If you don't see what you need here and wish to purchase a card, I have a few places you can try.  The first is a guy I have bought many cards from on Beckett, Jeff Latta.  Give him a shot.  He is a nice guy and his shipping is reasonable.  His store can be found at:
The second place to try is Naxcom.  Pretty easy to use and I have never had a problem there.  The homepage is at:
Thank you for looking and please contact me with any questions or offers.  I have tons of references if you wish to see them.  Also, no trade is too small.  Please feel free to ask about anything as I am still in the process of adding about another 10,000 cards to my inventory. 

I collect the following players:


2001 SPx Winning Materials
Pujols and Edmonds Double Jersey

2004 Classic Clippings All Star Triple Patch
With Helton and Sexson #'d 12/ 25


Please email with any questions or offers.  Thanks.